The Blogging Begins

*waves hello* Thanks for joining me on this blog!!

Who am I?

I’m Haley and I love to read! I love to talk about what I read! I love to gush, rave, and share my love for all the books I read! Of course, since my poor family, friends, and coworkers don’t always share my enthusiasm for reading, I’ve opted to share my thoughts on this blog. I’m hoping that since you’re here, we share a love for amazing books, swoon-worthy romances, and most importantly, happily ever afters!

What is this?

Well, if you missed it above, this a blog devoted to reviewing romance books, in both young adult, new adult, and adult genres.

Why am I blogging?

Well, I spend most of my days at work, in a biology lab. I’m surrounded by scientists all day who don’t exactly share my love for young love. I do have a few friends who I can gush to, but here I can reach a wider audience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped and started this journey. But a week ago I came back from Apollycon 2019, which was an amazing experience, and it’s revived my blogging spirit.

I’m a giant sucker for books with a happily ever after. I love that feeling when my heart skips a beat and then promptly melts into goo. As a blog with the initials HEA, expect me to gush about a lot of HEAs.

When will I be posting?

As I’ve mentioned, it’s been stop and start with this venture, so I’m taking the time to be a little more prepared. Writing more posts ahead of time, so when I’m crazy busy, it doesn’t fall to the wayside. I’m aiming for weekly posts, but I tend to get distracted by life or reading more books, so sometimes I may forget to actually sit and write about what I read. But I’m ready to make the effort!

*Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings! Hopefully, between all the love I have for these books and my long-winded thoughts, you’ll consider giving these books a chance, and fall in love like I did!*

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