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My first review! I’m starting with Addicted to you by Krista and Becca Ritchie – since meeting them at Apollycon partially inspired me to start reviewing again, it seems only fitting to kick it off with their first book.

Krista and Becca are two of my favorite authors in the whole universe. Their books are so different from everything else I’ve read and I love that about them. Krista and Becca are more focused on character development rather than plot. That’s not to say that these books don’t have a plot – but sometimes it takes a back seat to let the actual characters shine. I can’t tell you how many friends-to-lovers books I’ve read, but Addicted to You takes the cake because of Lily and Loren and the whole cast of characters in this book.

Lily Calloway is a sex addict.

Loren Hale is an alcoholic.

They enable each other and lie to their families about being in a committed, long-term relationship – all while secretly harboring real feelings for each other.

This book is not filled with wishy-washy “should we or shouldn’t we.” It’s about Lily and Lo admitting their true feelings, and then dealing with these feelings while also balancing their addictions – and sometimes they don’t succeed.

I loved all the side characters too! Lily has three sisters and they are also named after flowers! Rose and Daisy play some big roles and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them when they showed up on page. Then there’s the tutor, Connor Cobalt, who’s also an old friend of Rose and the foul-mouthed track captain, Ryke Meadows. These six eventually become the central focus of the series – and I accidentally started somewhere in the middle of the series – so it was really exciting to go back and see their origins!

There is so much character development in this first book – and while, yes there is a plot to this story I found myself just getting caught up in the characters and wishing that they were real. There were big moments for them (that pushed the book along), but also the little moments too, and I treasured reading about both.

Lily’s a sex addict, so one might presume she’s extroverted, out-there, and brazen. WRONG. She is timid and shy and turns beet-red when the attention is on her, and it’s really only when she’s actually having sex does she feel more comfortable in her body. I’m also rather shy person so I my heart ached reading about what Lily does to remedy her situation.

Loren, while described as having model-good-looks (literally), is so quirky himself, another refreshing twist. Of course, his drinking problem pushes everyone away to the point that he has no other friends besides Lily, he has a nerdy love for comics – but only Marvel, never dare to bring up DC comics in his presence. I loved that Lily wasn’t just the quiet best friend of the most beautiful and popular boy on campus. These characters broke all the molds for me and I thought it was so refreshing!

Overall, I just thought this was an amazing book and a perfect introduction into the world of the Addicted series. This is a different take on romance – focusing on maintaining a relationship, with the added challenge of battling addictions. I loved everything about this book and I highly recommend reading!

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