Meet Cute

Well, between re-watching Game of Thrones episodes, studying for an exam for grad school, and obsessing over new Taylor Swift album theories, I still managed to finished reading Helena Hunting’s latest release, Meet Cute!

I’ve read quite a bit from Helena Hunting already – parts of her Pucked series, and the Shaking Up series, and The Good Luck Charm – all of which I really enjoyed, so I’ve been really looking forward to this book!

This is a standalone novel – we follow Kailyn, currently a lawyer, previously a massive fangirl of former actor, Daxton Hughes. They have an adorable meet cute in law school, and eventually become friends. But then Dax betrays Kailyn and they go their separate ways after graduation. Years later, Dax suddenly becomes the guardian to his kid sister, Emme, and Kailyn is conservator of Emme’s trust – so she’s there to help Dax navigate his new role. This is the perfect recipe for Kailyn and Dax to reconcile and fall in love. And any meet cute that begins with “You’re Daxton Hughes. I love you!” is just pure gold.

I will be honsest, from the synopsis that I initially read about the book, I was expecting a little more Hollywood with filming and premieres and all the other cliches in a Hollywood romance. This wasn’t really the case as Dax ditches his acting roots for a lawyering job, and once I got over that switch in my mind, I really enjoyed that it made the book seem more realistic.

I thought this was a fairly standard romance book and I did find myself predicting the general direction the book was going – of course these hi jinx are likely going to be played out, of course the aunt winds up being a problem. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy reading a book like this! Plus Helena Hunting has an amazing way of layering in humor and it was definitely those lines and moments that had me laughing out loud.

“Does Emme wear thongs?”

“She’s thirteen.”

“That doesn’t mean anything these days.”

Oh the horrors of underwear shopping for your little sister. There were enough moments like these that balanced out the more… expected plot points. Other honorable mentions include Dax finding his mother’s collection of sex toys and Kailyn requesting Dax use breath mints (I DIED laughing at these exchanges, the pettiness!)

While the circumstances for Dax’s new guardianship are rather sad, Helena Hunting does a good job of balancing it out with her special brand of humor, and focusing on building the relationships between Kailyn, Dax, and Emme. So it does have the light-hearted moments alongside the more – it keeps the story grounded in reality for me which I kind of prefer.

Also, I was low key obsessed with the Taylor Swift mention in the epilogue! #swiftieforlife

Overall, I thought this was a great, quick read. Maybe this wouldn’t necessarily happen in real life, it felt real enough for me and I really enjoyed falling in love with Kailyn and Dax!

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