So I’m really, truly terrible at sustaining a blog it seems. My excuse this time is a promotion, two new jobs, and school. I’ve had literally no time for myself this summer and I’ve learned my lesson. So the fall is now when I can finally take a break and I’ve written up a bunch of review in advance so I refuse to slack off like I have.

Krista and Becca Ritchie are starting off this awesome release binge. Four of their books are coming out in the next six months (one is already released and the next will be out next month). As prep, I’ve been doing a big old reread of all of their series starting with the Addicted Series, so today my review is on Ricochet. I reviewed Addicted to You way back when and Ricochet is a sequel novella.

Following the events in Addicted to You, Loren Hale is now in rehab for three months – and now Lily Calloway has to learn to battle her sex addiction so that she can stay loyal to her boyfriend. Ricochet by Krista and Becca Ritchie covers the three months that Lily and Lo learn to be away from each other. This book is all from Lily’s perspective, and we learn more about much Lily is struggling with her addiction.

Both she and Lo have finally acknowledged that they have some serious issues and the time for enabling is long gone. And now more people are in on their secret. Rose Calloway is spending her time balancing school, helping Lily wade through the struggles of withdrawal, and searching for a therapist to help her sister through her addiction. And Ryke Meadows is bouncing between helping Lo in rehab and keeping an eye on Lily for Lo while he’s away.

This was a great book for building on the side characters a little more. Lily is determined not to cheat on Lo and so she focuses on her family and friends. We get to see more of Daisy, the youngest Calloway sister, who celebrates her sixteenth birthday on a yacht with her socialite friends and her older sister. We get to see Rose’s relationship with Connor blossom and the chemistry between Ryke and Daisy start to simmer a little.

Even though Lo doesn’t really have a lot of “screen” time (though he does make a phone call or two to Lily), I think that was smart. Lily and Lo were starting to crumble by the end of Addicted to You. Now they’re able to build a much stronger foundation so that they can be stable pillars for each other once they are reunited.

I really loved this book because it’s such a  great dive into Lily’s character and understanding so much more about how she copes with stress and life, but also how determined she is to get better, both for herself and for Lo. Another 5 star read from Krista and Becca!

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