Addicted for Now

Today is October 10th, which for fans of the Addicted Series – it’s Lily and Loren anniversary. That makes it the perfect excuse to review another Lily and Lo book – Addicted for Now by Krista and Becca Ritchie.

We start this book right where Ricochet left off, with Loren coming home from rehab. .Lily and Lo are back together, but they’re determined not to backslide into their addictions – and it’s a real challenge for both of them. Lily shares a bed with Lo, and as he equates it, it’s like him climbing into bed with a bottle of whiskey. It’s very risky but that certainly is a different obstacle to face a sex addict versus an alcoholic. 

But while it’s so important that neither of them enables each other, they’re facing a huge problem. Someone knows about Lily’s addiction and is threatening to reveal everything to the world. As revenge against Lo. Lily now has to come to grips with what kinds of consequences her past will cause, not just herself but her family and the people attached to her family (Ryke and Connor). Lo has to deal with past – he was an angry, spiteful person when he was drunk, and he did some destructive things, things he’s not proud of.

And interspersed between Lily and Lo’s romance are some great (and some not so great) family moments. Lily’s closer relationship with her sisters is something that she loves but at the same time, if her addiction is revealed to the public then her sisters will also be hurt. It’s like an explosion going off near Lily, the tighter she holds on to her sisters then closer they are to the blast and will be hurt almost as much as Lily. Grappling with the guilt is really hard for Lily and throughout the book she does things that she’s not wholly comfortable with just for the sake of doing right by her family. 

We also meet more of Jonathan Hale in this book, through Lo’s point of view. Understanding why Lo is the way he is requires a look into the Hale residence and Jonathan’s parenting. He’s as vindictive and spiteful as Lo and enough confidence behind his actions to make him dangerous. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, but I think, feels little remorse for the people he may trample to get there – and Lo was trampled a lot. But Lo is also what little family Jonathan has and he cares about his son, in his weird way. It was really interesting learning more about their dynamics throughout the book.

Ricochet gave us the little peak at what recovery is like – for Lily at least. But this book title tells it all – Lily and Lo are addicted for now. They’re not magically healed, they still struggle, and they have they’re low days. They have so many more hurdles to jump, but damn it they’re trying so hard. #LILOforlife They have each other, and they’ll fight together to make sure they’re only addicted for now, and not forever.

5 stars for Addicted for Now!

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