Hotshot Doc

R. S. Grey – queen of romantic comedy. I discovered her a few years ago with her summer Olympic themed books and never turned back. Also I follow her on Instagram and I’ve been obsessed with her life and watching her adorable daughter Halle grow up. I know that life is so much more than what people post, but I really dig her aesthetic. Anyway, she writes amazing standalone romances and they’re quick reads for me, so I chose to reread one of my favorites – Hotshot Doc.

I also chose to use Audible with this book, which is super different for me – I tend to get really annoyed that the narrators don’t sound exactly the way I think the characters should sound. But I’ve been busy with life, and I figured this would be a good way to multitask. Listen to a book and do my laundry? The dream. And I have to say I actually really enjoyed listening to this one, and I’m considering giving Audible another chance. The narrators really nailed the way I imagined the main characters, Bailey and Matt, would sound. 10/10 would recommend listening to the audiobook for this one!

I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as an enemies-to-lovers romance, because Matt just seems kind of annoyed with everyone in his life, not just Bailey, and if everyone’s his enemy then, eesh, that’s a tiring life. There were some cringe moments for poor Bailey on her way to proving herself with Matt, but from the beginning he definitely has a sweet spot for her and I loved it. It was in those moments where Matt would really think about how his attitude effected those around him and eventually, we do start to see a change in him.

Bailey and Matt. I loved these two. Matt’s like this scary, angry surgeon at the hospital that Bailey works at. Mostly, she hears the horror stories from ex-surgical assistants (and she tries to make them feel better by drawing devils horns on pictures of Matt). But when Bailey’s surgeon retires pretty unexpectedly, she’s in desperate need of a job – and her only option is Matt. Matt, since he can’t seem to hold on to a surgical assistant for long, is in desperate need of someone to help him in the OR – and his only option is Bailey. Seriously, it’s adorable when they realize they’re predicament.

I really liked the way their romance built up. There was definitely an attraction between the two but it takes a little bit before there’s real tension and it breaks. And even then it still manages to follow a realistic time frame. The tension builds up again until you’re begging these two to do something and that just makes it that much sweeter when something finally happens.

There were plenty of swoon-worthy moments in here. Matt is one helluva hero – making sure to respect Bailey and follow by her rules, yes yes yes. But also he knows when to push her out of her safety zone and help her experience life more and also yes yes yes.

Also a shout-out to Bailey’s hilarious younger sister, Josie. This bookworm child added some great moments to the book with her purity and innocence. Ugh, protect that one always. Bailey is determined to give her sister an decent life and Josie just wants to make life easier for her sister and I loved this sister bond.

I’ll end this with some of my favorite lines from the book, because seriously no one has a sense of humor like R. S. Grey.

“There was this instant connection. You get it. You probably feel the same way when you get a new medical device, this sort of excitement down in your loins.”

“What sane gluten-eating American turns down homemade baked goods?”

“Oh right, that isn’t Casanova standing across from me; it’s Dr. Beep Boop Robot.”

“What is it about jet black, slightly rumpled, grip-it-while-he’s-kissing-you-senseless hair that turns brains to goop?”

“Choosing Harry Potter over her own flesh and blood?! I would the same, but how dare she?”

I loved this romance. It’s one of my favorites from R. S. Grey so 5 stars from me!

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