Kiss the Sky

After three amazing books in the heads of Lily Calloway and Loren Hale, Krista and Becca Ritchie finally let us take a peek into the minds of Rose Calloway and her boyfriend Connor Cobalt – and can I tell you how much I love Rose and Connor? I love them. A lot.

Kiss the Sky is a spin-off of the Addicted Series, so if you were ever opposed to reading about Lily and Lo (but really why would you?) this is the jumping off point. This book could be read as the first in the Calloway Sisters series, and you would still enjoy it without having read Addicted to You, Ricochet, or Addicted for Now. But truly, Kiss the Sky is so much fuller after reading the first three books in the Addicted series.

This book also holds a special place in my heart, because this was the first book I picked up. I devoured it, and how excited was I, to find out there were already more books earlier in the series? (Very excited).

We start Kiss the Sky a few months after the end of Addicted for Now. Lily’s sex addiction is now public knowledge. The Calloway family and their friends are all under the media’s spotlight. It’s salacious news and it’s hurting all the sisters. Rose’s own fashion company is floundering. So as the older sister, she’s come up with an idea to gain more control of the whole situation – a reality show featuring her, Lily, Daisy, Connor, Loren, and Ryke. As if that wouldn’t be challenging enough, Rose has to deal with living with Connor. They’ve been dating for over a year, but she’s still a virgin, and she’s still a little hesitant to take their relationship to the next step – it could get a little awkward when you’re sharing a bed.

Connor Cobalt – conceited, arrogant, cocky, narcissistic. All of these words, and more, describe this man. The way he carries himself, his confidence, his intelligence, people think he might be a god. Connor thinks he’s a god. So if he’s not human, then he shouldn’t have to deal with silly things like human emotions. He acknowledges that they exist, but not for him, which makes him a little untrustworthy. He’ll go for what he wants and feelings like guilt and remorse won’t hold him back. Connor wants Rose, and he has to learn how to open himself up to her on a deeper, emotional level before she’ll open herself up to him. 

Kiss the Sky is Rose and Connor’s romance – and one thing I appreciate is that these two have already been dating for a year when the book starts. We, as the readers, don’t have to sit through the back and forth of will-they-won’t-they? Instead we can watch as they strengthen and fortify their relationship. But even with challenges being thrown at them from all angles, Rose and Connor continue to learn how to be in a relationship with each other and how to balance family and friends at the same time. I love seeing these two work together. They flirt-fight constantly and it can be jarring to some and hard to see their feelings for each other… But as Rose says “I like competing against you. But I like being your teammate more.” And really. SAME. They flirt-fight so much that it makes the moments when they work together so, so much sweeter.

Also a huge applause to Krista and Becca for writing different characters. I can’t tell you how many times characters start to blend together because tonally they all sound the same. Krista and Becca work really hard to create very unique voices for their characters. Rose and Connor are the “nerd stars” of the Core 6 and are super smart. Especially Connor. He is absolutely one of a kind and just reading his thoughts and internal monologues, it’s almost impossible not to be impressed.

Rose and Connor are like the ultimate power couple and I absolutely enjoyed reading their book – five “nerd stars” from me.

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