A Lie for a Lie

Holy heck did I love A Lie for a Lie by Helena Hunting! I’d fly through a chapter at work, be productive for a little, then read another chapter. And here I am at the end of the book. RJ and Lainey are seriously too sweet for words. I’ve got a toothache (in a good way)! Second-chance romances are probably my favorite trope out there and this one was perfect. Lainey and RJ meet on a flight up to Alaska and fate pushes these two to spend more and more time together during their trip. Staying a little outside of the city of Kodiak, they wind up in each other’s paths and get to know each other. (combine those two sentences)

RJ’s just tired of women who want him for his fame and money – he just wants some peace from the crazy. But he wouldn’t say no to a real connection and he finds that in Lainey. Lainey is innocent and a little naive at times, but she’s adventurous and smart but most importantly she has no idea how well known RJ is in the sports world. There are some rescue attempts but RJ recognizes how much Lainey wants to be independent and that plus their amazing chemistry, makes them the perfect match. The sexy times are fire and I swooned through all of their domestic bliss. And when they separated, my heart broke as much as theirs did.

But, but, but they’re a perfect match! Fate pushed them into each others the first time and fate pushes them into another chance encounter about a year later! There’s a lot of hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and distrust. Something that I really appreciated about this book was that even though both RJ and Lainey told lies, they’ve grown in the year they’re apart and learn from past mistakes – namely communicating. So many times, I just want to tear my hair out while I’m reading because the characters are just poor communicators, and that’s just not these two.

Lainey has learned how to truly be independent and even when RJ comes barreling back into her life, she’s adamant about holding on to this new found freedom. But RJ is perfect for her which means he understands her and doesn’t just try to bulldoze her. I love these two together. Seriously, like so much.

I also think it’s really important that this book was all about actions speak louder than words. RJ had a lot of explanations and apologies to give when he and Lainey reunite – but she’s not trusting of him. After everything they’ve been through, I don’t think some flowery words should really fix everything. And it’s also about the right actions – sending gifts like flowers and chocolate may seem romantic but really it needs to proving that he hears what Lainey is saying and respects her. I fully support this.

This was a super cute read, and I’d recommend it in a heartbeat! 5 star read!

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