Hothouse Flower

For five books, Daisy and Ryke have been side characters and now it’s finally time for these two to shine. Hothouse Flower is book 2 in the Calloway Sisters series by Krista and Becca Ritchie and book 5 if you read with the Addicted series.

These two have been like fifth wheels to Rose and Connor and Lily and Lo for a long time. In the past Daisy has flirted with Ryke and it seemed like she had a crush on him. But for the most part they’ve been following behind the other four, but not traveling together. They’re both lonely. And now that Daisy is officially an adult, maybe it’s time for them to not be lonely anymore.

Daisy is just struggling to figure out her identity. She’s a super model and in that world, she’s treated like an adult. But she’s the baby of her family and sometimes they treat her like she’s her age. But Daisy needs a balance – yes, there are some things that she missed out on in her childhood, but she’s not naive. She’s mature, but her carefree nature tricks others and so they just treat like an 18 year old who has no knowledge of the real world. She actually knows more about the world than most. Daisy’s also so kind and she’s not the kind of person to make waves if she’s upset so she kinda just takes it when people speak down to her. Hence, her struggle with her identity.

Ryke was the “yes” kid. He’s had no shortage of family drama. For basically his entire life, his parents have been feuding, and he’s been forced to keep his identity a secret. No one could know who his dad was – “Yes, dad.” And publicly his mom couldn’t even be his mom, because she was supposed to be Loren’s mom – “Yes, mom.” And he just took it, for the longest time. But he was able to break free from them and now he sees Daisy struggling with the same things that he did. He wants to be able to help her.

What did I love about this book? One – Krista and Becca’s ability to write such unique voices. We’ve spent so much time seeing these two from everyone else’s perspective and finally we can know what’s going on in their heads. From the outside, Daisy is so bubbly and wild and with Ryke’s excessive cursing and privacy, he doesn’t seem to be much more than a jock. But there is more depth to these two characters and we finally get to understand that in this book! Two – we get to see more of the brother-bond between Lo and Ryke. There’s some really important moments that we get from Ryke’s perspective. In the past, of course, we only understood Lo’s stance on his relationship with his brother and now getting Ryke’s take on it all – it gives the relationship so much more depth. Three – I was just so moved by Daisy and Ryke’s romance – it’s not until you start to read in their heads that you realize how truly lonely they were and how much they absolutely deserve to be with someone who cares wholeheartedly for them.

I was so in love in with Daisy and Ryke’s journey to each other – 5 stars for these two wild characters!

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