Damaged Like Us

Damaged Like Us by Krista and Becca Ritchie. I started my reread of this book this week – there are currently 5 books in the series and only 5 weeks until the next installment, Headstrong Like Us! It’s the perfect time to catch up!

This is the first book of the Like Us series – the introductory book. If you read the Addicted/Calloway Sisters series, you know who most of the characters are, but if you’re new, it’s a lot of people to keep straight. But I think Krista and Becca did an awesome job easing the characters into the storyline!

A big part of this book is all about the Famous Families and the bodyguards who protect them – so learning about how the security team operates and works with their clients so just so fascinating. Krista and Becca do an amazing job with their attention to detail. Like there was no question they don’t have an answer for. It’s so thought out and as a reader that tends to get nit picky on the details, I seriously appreciate all the effort they put into their books, this one included.

Now of course, on to the most important part – Maximoff and Farrow. I’m obsessed with these two. They might be my favorite couple (even above the parents!) and watching their bodyguard-client relationship start and watching it evolve into more — I was pulled in. I wanted to know everything about these two and how they eventually came together.

Maximoff is the oldest boy in the Famous Families and he loves responsibility. He’s headstrong and is used to a certain way of living. I don’t mean that in like he’s used to certain luxuries. In fact, we learn that because he’s famous, he does loose out on experiences. He was born famous and the media is just another parent to him. They raised him to know that he will never have true privacy and Maximoff is such a caring and thoughtful person that he would never want to subject someone else to that kind of harassment. So he’s never wanted or had a relationship and he’s been fine with that.

But then in comes Farrow, who is this know-it-all, maverick bodyguard. He’s known Maximoff for a while but as his bodyguard, he gets to see all the behind-the-scenes of Maximoff’s life. But Farrow is a bodyguard and he’ll fight for his client – and he’s determined to give Maximoff everything he wants, even if Maximoff doesn’t fully know what that is. He’s a rebel willing to bend all the rules for Maximoff and I swoon everytime I think about it. Farrow is like the best person to push at Maximoff’s buttons. He won’t pacify him, he challenges him, and Maximoff is a guy who will embrace any challenge gladly. Farrow is like the perfect challenge.

Maximoff will figuratively and literally fight for for everyone he cares about, but he needs someone who will fight for him with equal passion and that is absolutely without a doubt, 100% Farrow. Of course, as his bodyguard, Farrow would protect him from any physical harm. Maximoff has pointed out “it’s not their job to be emotionally invested in us.” But Farrow is a 24/7 bodyguard and he spends so much time around Maximoff, of course he’s going to be emotionally invested – he’s going to fight and protect Maximoff physically and emotionally. They are seriously perfect together, and this book does such an amazing job of highlighting all of that!

5 stars for Damaged Like Us!

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