I’m still working on my reread of the Addicted/Calloway Sisters series, on top of the Like Us Series. In case you haven’t already noticed, I’m a big Krista and Becca fan. Next up to review is Thrive which is the fourth book in the Addicted Series and book six in the overall reading order. It’s been two years since the end of Addicted for Now and Thrive. Because Addicted series and the Calloway Sisters series could potentially be read as completely separate series, this allows readers to catch up.

This book is broken in to three parts: the months between Addicted After All and Kiss the Sky, the months during Kiss the Sky, and the months during Hothouse Flower. We get Lily and Lo’s perspective all of those events!

Usually in a couple’s book it focuses on their relationships with the others around them, so when it switches to another couple’s perspective around the same events, it can feel like it’d only be focused on the first couple’s problems and the second couple’s reactions to that. This still manages to show that more things were going on behind the scenes and makes the overarching story line richer. In Hothouse Flower, I read about Ryke’s thoughts on his relationship with his brother and root for him and feel so bad for how unfairly he felt Lo treated him. But then you read Lo’s reasoning behind his anger with his brother and suddenly I’m cheering for Lo and shaking my head at Ryke for not believing in his little brother more. And then it just makes me think about how there are so many different sides to a story.

Plus in this book, we get to see Rose and Connor’s love really solidify and Ryke and Daisy’s romance blossom all from an outside perspective and there’s definitely something to be said for that. There’s all these subtle things that couples do, that they would never mention in their own heads, but when someone else is watching them, you discover a new level to a relationship. Again, you just get more depth to an overall story and I truly love that, and that we get to see these interactions in this series.

We also get a lot of growth from Lily and Lo in this book. This covers the horrible rumors about Lo and Jonathan Hale in this book and how Lo handles it. He’s been sober for a while but I’d say he hasn’t really been put truly tested until this. Yes, Lily’s addiction becoming public news and being thrust into the spotlight is absolutely a challenge. But it wasn’t necessarily Lo’s personal challenge. So his foundation is a little unsteady and but he works so hard to make it solid for himself and for Lily.

Meanwhile, Lily is still dealing with the consequences of her addiction becoming public. Her sisters are hurting and so Lily is hurting. We see a lot of Lily’s guilt in this one, and like Lo, her foundation is a little shaky. A fair portion of this book is Lily trying to do right by her sisters, by going way out of her comfort zone. In high stress situations, she used to turn to sex and helping her sisters pushes her into that place. She spends a lot of this book learning to battle these challenges.

The time frame in this book covers almost two and a half years and really allows Lily and Lo to grow a ton. They were young adults (almost practically kids) when the series started and now their really entering into adulthood. That’s challenge enough but then we add in that these two are addicts and they’re trying their damnedest to build a strong, unbreakable foundation for their future. I think this a really awesome addition to the series. It gives the readers so much more depth to the beloved characters, an added layer of the story. 5 stars for Thrive!

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