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I’m on to the next book in the Like Us series: Lovers Like Us by Krista and Becca Ritchie. More Maximoff and Farrow. In case you couldn’t already tell, I freaking love these two. They’re whole love story just warms my heart so much whenever I think about it, and it’s wonderful anytime I reread and watch them on their journey all over again.

Lovers Like Us starts right where Damaged Like Us ends. There was quite a media shit storm at the end of the last book and a shit storm between Maximoff and Jane versus the parents. Now it’s all about damage control – and boy do they come up with quite a plan. Most of this book focuses around a giant FanCon tour. The oldest five children of the famous families, Maximoff Hale, Sullivan Meadows, and Jane, Charlie and Beckett Cobalt, travel around the country on a bus with their bodyguards. Stopping in dozens of cities to meet fans and hopefully change the perception of the horrible rumor about Jane and Maximoff. However, while on tour, it becomes apparent that Maximoff may have a violent stalker and it’s absolutely a priority to keep him safe while continuing to travel around the country and meeting millions of strangers. It’s a bit of a nightmare situation.

I’ve mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it again, I seriously love Krista and Becca’s writing style. A lot of their stories focus more on character development along with the plot. Maximoff and Farrow are together, and in this book we can more of an evolution of their romantic relationship. They’re no longer a secret to the families and security team. They have a little more freedom and their relationship and it’s something that they’ll take advantage of.

Lovers Like Us covers a really interesting part of Maximoff and Farrow’s relationship – because it’s not a secret anymore (at least not in public) it’s almost like they’re at the very beginning stages of the relationship. They’re both trying to figure out how to fit into each other’s lives as boyfriends, not just client-bodyguard. Farrow learning to navigate the relationships Maximoff has with his cousins – most specifically Charlie. Those two are very caustic with each other and Farrow has learn to walk a thin line between letting Maximoff handle his personal issues with his cousin on his own while also being a pillar For Maximoff to lean on. Because as we learn in this book, Maximoff sometimes needs a person standing in his corner. And Maximoff has to learn how to be part of Farrow’s life. He spends a lot of his time with the security team and trying to make them see him less like a client and more like the boyfriend to Farrow will prove a challenge to him.

There are definitely some discussions of their sex life as well and thinking back on it, I think it’s really interesting to see how it kind of parallels just the levels of Maximoff and Farrow’s relationship too. As a celebrity, not a lot of Maximoff’s life can be private, but when it came to relationships and his love life, he certainly tried. Now Farrow is in his life. At the beginning of this relationship, Maximoff notes that he’s not overly concerned about whether he is Farrow’s forever guy – he’s just happy to be living in the moment with Farrow. But Maximoff does struggle with letting down certain barriers during sex, and it seems to match his intimacy with Farrow. He’s not willing to make his relationship public because he doesn’t want to subject Farrow to the masses. Farrow would lose his privacy and I think perhaps very subconsciously, Maximoff is worried that Farrow won’t want to stick around for that. It’s being completely vulnerable with Farrow to the whole world – his last guard. Lovers Like Us is this journey for Maximoff and Farrow to reach this absolute vulnerability with each other. That’s what I love about this book so much, is learning about this new level to their relationship. Seriously, this is the kind of romance that I love to read about – it’s not just about falling in love. It’s about staying in love and making it a lasting love.

Lovers Like Us is a perfect sequel to Damaged Like Us. We get to learn more about security and the famous families, and most importantly we get a lot of amazing #Marrow moments in this book that I absolutely adore. 5 stars!

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