Twice In A Blue Moon

Alright, so my lofty goal to publish a book review every two days has fallen to the wayside… But for a good reason! I’ve started a new job and that does kind of take priority at the moment. But I’ve been reading Twice in a Blue Moon by Christina Lauren this week and now have some free time to write.

I’ve really enjoyed Christina Lauren’s books in the past. They’ve done both of my favorite tropes – second chance romance and best friends to lovers – and I loved those books. Twice in a Blue Moon is another second chance romance. Tate Jone’s has spent most of her life hiding her identity from the world – she’s the daughter of one of the world’s most famous actors. While on a two week trip to London, she meets and falls for Sam Brandis and eventually reveals her deepest secret to him. Unfortunately, he betrays her trust and she’s never been quite the same.

Fourteen years later, she’s about to star in a movie that could earn her some major awards and Sam is back. Her brain says she should want nothing to do with him but her heart is saying something else…

So for me, the reason I love second chance romance (and friends to lovers) is that there’s already an intimacy present between the couple. What threw me in this book is that Tate meets and falls for Sam in less than two weeks. As a reader, I really love to understand the characters – their thoughts, why they make one choice over another. It gives the story more depth and helps me connect to the characters better. I feel more apart of the story. I think because the first time that Tate and Sam fall in love is so freaking fast – and also at the very beginning of the book, I don’t really get that chance to learn about Tate and then even less about Sam.

The two different time periods aren’t intertwined throughout the book. This really fast relationship and story line just didn’t give me enough time to really click and it affected the rest of my read. I didn’t really feel the intimacy between the two. Also I’m not gonna lie – Tate only knew Sam for two weeks when he was in his early 20s, but somehow recognized him almost instantly 14 years later. Like, I still stare at people that I went to school with and ponder whether I actually know them.

BUT – what did I like about this book? The second half of the book takes place on a movie set which was really interesting to read about. Reading about Tate and Sam did give a little more insight into their characters towards the end. And I really enjoyed the side characters that popped up – Charlie, Tate’s best friend, and Nick, Tate’s co-star and love interest in the movie they were filming. Plus the movie plot itself! I half want Christina Lauren to write that story. I’d definitely read it!

This just wasn’t one of my favorite Christina Lauren books unfortunately. They seriously do write some amazing romances, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have up their sleeves. 3.5 out of 5 stars for this one!

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