Headstrong Like Us

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Headstrong Like Us (by Krista and Becca Ritchie) landed in my Kindle library at 12 am on Tuesday and I finished it by 8 am that morning just in time for work. I’m still processing how much I loved this book, so here I am to gush.

Headstrong Like Us is Krista and Becca’s 20th book and it is a massive, beautiful, heartfelt love letter to Maximoff and Farrow from Krista and Becca. It was everything I didn’t know I needed for Marrow’s last book. Of course you get all the typical moments you’d expect to see from Maximoff and Farrow – their banter, their serious talks, their quiet, happy moments doing the little things. But there was so much more – this is their wedding book. That means there are some big changes on the horizon and as we’ve learned, Maximoff isn’t the biggest fan of massive changes in his life. Watching as he and Farrow navigate through these changes to start this next chapter of their lives was so beautiful. They’ve grown so much together from the first book, and I found myself feeling so proud of these two throughout the book.

I also thought it was really interesting because you can start to see traits of both Maximoff and Farrow in the other person. Farrow makes some pretty selfless choices in order to put Lo’s health first – 100% a Maximoff Hale move. And Maximoff learns to be a little more selfish and less willing choose the riskier path to help someone else, instead choosing to put his family with Farrow above his cousins (in particular there is a scene with the girl squad asking for Maximoff’s help and he steps back and says no). He’s always put his family first, above everything else but now there’s something else important and learning to be a little less there for his family… I don’t know, I think it’s almost like a sign of maturity. It reminds me of Ryke’s struggle in Long Way Down – can the selfless man be more selfish? By the end of the book, he’s starting to learn that it’s okay to do that, at least every now and then.

Maximoff and Farrow’s first three books were about their present – starting a relationship, learning how to be together, how to share a relationship with the public. They went through a lot and came out at the end as an unshakeable team.

Headstrong Like Us is all about their future as a team. There was so much that they tackled and watching Maximoff and Farrow take on all the new challenges just solidifies how well they fit together – two halves of a soul that have been searching for each other for a lifetime. And even though this is their last book, it’s very clear by the end of this book that it’s a beautiful, perfect future for Maximoff and Farrow.

I’ll never be able to thank Krista and Becca enough for creating this amazing world, and these wonderful, headstrong characters. I think it’s obvious how much love they put into all their books, this one in particular, and it makes me love it even more! This series holds such a special place in my heart and I could not recommend it enough!

Five beautiful stars for these two beautiful characters!

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