The Bromance Book Club

New job + side job + holidays = no time to write reviews! But I’ve sure as hell made time for reading and now I finally have a little breather to share my thoughts on more books! Earlier in November, I finished reading The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams. Gavin Scott’s marriage is crumbling after he finds out his wife, Thea has been faking it in bed and he had less than mature reaction to the news. Now she’s asking for a divorce and he’s desperate to change her mind. Enter the Bromance Book Club – a bunch of men reading romance books as a way to understand and treat their significant others better. Gavin will get advice from the romance books in an attempt to salvage his marriage.

It’s a second chance romance – my cat nip! I freaking loved this book. Gavin’s not a perfect hero by any means – he’s got flaws which I find I prefer because there’s just so much more an author can explore with character development. I want to feel a real attachment and I did with Gavin. He wants to fix things, he’s not sure how, maybe this book club could help, but it sounds really weird when he thinks about it, but he loves Thea so he’ll give a go in any case. There’s so much to learn about Gavin – what a backstory! I also listened to this book on Audible and the narrator for this was spot on. All Gavin’s sarcasm and jokes were delivered perfectly, exactly the way I imagine Gavin would sound and I had some serious laughing fits over this book.

Then we also have Thea. She has her own backstory – a childhood growing up with an angry and bitter mother, and an irresponsible father. It’s safe to say she’s got some things she needs to come to terms with. Like trusting that people will stick around. Gavin blew that and now she needs to make sure she’s doing right by her two daughters but also right by herself. I thought she really grew in this book, learned to be more assertive and confident in her place in the world, and how to take charge of her future.

The love these two characters have for each other really just pulled on all my heart strings. Thea loving Gavin for exactly who he was, flaws and all. Gavin supporting Thea and making sure she was able to chase her own dreams. Ugh, I was just a sap for these two. Heart eye emoji = me.

I highly recommend The Bromance Book Club. Five stars! I laughed so much, but also really felt for Gavin and Thea. I was able to really get invested in these two and all I wanted was for them to get their happily ever after the second time around. And I’m so excited for the next book in the series!

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