Anything You Can Do

The Queen of RomCom, R. S. Grey, recently announced the release date of her next book – which means it’s the perfect time for a little binge reading. I first discovered R. S. Grey in 2016 with The Summer Games: Settling the Score. I’ve read most of her books from before that and after, and I personally think she really started to hit her comedic stride with Anything You Can Do and all her books following. That was when she became a one-click author for me. So my binge starts with Anything You Can Do.

This is an enemies-to-lovers romance, but even though there is animosity between Daisy and Lucas, there is plenty of hilarity. These two were born on the same day and lived right next door to each other. For the first eighteen years of their lives they competed against each other in basically everything. They went away to colleges on opposite coasts, but have come back over a decade later, as successful doctors, both with the hope of inheriting the local practice. Of course, if Daisy owned the practice by herself, she would have won the ultimate battle against Lucas, so it’s become her mission to best Lucas at every turn.

But this is a romcom, so of course Daisy’s plans are a little outrageous and would truly, only work out in her mind. In reality, certain circumstances lead to Daisy and Lucas having to work as a team to treat their patients. The passion and focus the two characters put into their little “war” makes it clear that hate is not the opposite of love. And certainly that passion for could make for some pretty hot encounters between them. There is plenty of sexual tension in this book and they lead to steamy scenes. The desire Daisy and Lucas have for each other really shows how perfect they would be together, both for them and for the readers. I spent a good portion of the book just internally yelling at Daisy to stop fighting and give in to her feelings for Lucas.

I freaking love R. S. Grey’s writing. For any other love interests where they have actively hated each other for their whole lives, I find it hard to root for them because I would have a hard time justifying the mean things the characters did to each other before they realized their true feelings – and even more so when the story is typically told from only one characters point of view. But that’s not the case with Anything You Can Do. For the most part, the book is only in Daisy’s POV, but with some clever writing, we do get an occasional peek into Lucas’s head that, for me, made the difference and helped me understand the bigger picture. Daisy also has an awesome moment of clarity and self-reflection that really made me love her character, crazy, diabolical plans and all. I think Rachel does an awesome job of keeping the story light and funny, while also allowing for some more serious moments to help me connect with the characters!

I really enjoyed Anything You Can Do – 5 stars to Daisy and Lucas! And like I said before, R. S. Grey only gets better from here, so onward with the bingeing!

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