The Foxe & the Hound

Another R. S. Grey book read and done! As the title suggests, puppies are involved in this story – and as the biggest dog person in the world, hell yes, I had to read this. Also I started reading this at the same time that I had to take my own dog to the vet for minor surgery, so the timing seemed appropriate. The Foxe & The Hound is a standalone RomCom but is set in the same world as Anything You Can Do.

In this book, we learn more about Lucas’s little sister Madeleine. She does not have her life together. She’s a real estate agent albeit not a fantastic one (the only house she sold was to her brother and best friend), she dodges her landlord whom she owes a bit of rent to, and she drives one helluva clunker. But she’s just adopted a puppy, Mouse, and despite his name, he is anything but mouse-sized. And thanks to Mouse, we meet the new town vet, Adam Foxe. He is a handsome bachelor and he takes care of cute animals?! Sounds perfect to me.

As always I love the humor that Rachel injects into all her books. Madeleine is one of the funnier characters. I loved her spunk and determination to turn her life around. All the shenanigans she finds herself in or that Mouse somehow get her in were hilarious and also kind of made her into a stronger character because no matter what challenge she faced, she found a way to keep moving forward. I liked getting to see the characters from Anything You Can Do again in this book. Daisy was a great character and to see her in the best friend role for Madeleine was super sweet.

And Adam Foxe! Super hot vet. Puppy trainer. Newly single. Basically the perfect package. He has some really sweet moments in his determination to spend time with Madeleine – like taking Mouse for runs. *swoon* The chemistry between him and Madeleine is fire, and once he accepts this, he’s not afraid to push her on the attraction they share. The only thing I didn’t love about Adam was that he was kind of wishy-washy. He was burned by a past relationship and was really determined not to hop into a new one right away, but seemed to change his mind really fast and without a clear explanation as to why.

I really enjoyed this one! The Foxe & the Hound certainly has all the charm and hilarity of one of R.S. Grey’s romComs. And for animal lovers and romance lovers, definitely a must read!

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