Doctor Dearest

I just finished reading Doctor Dearest by R. S. Grey and holy crap. It’s definitely vying for the position as one of my favorites from Rachel. The main characters, Natalie and Connor, stole my heart from the first pages and they never gave it back.

Natalie is a kickass doctor working in the Burn Intensive Care Unit. She’s been living with her older brother, Noah, through her residency, but now Noah’s traveling for work. He invites his best friend, Connor to crash in his townhouse while he’s away, one, because Connor’s getting renovations done on his townhouse, and two, Connor can keep an eye on Natalie while they live together. This would be totally fine for Natalie, if it weren’t for the fact that she’s had a crush on Connor forever. I love the older brother’s best friend trope and this book delivered on it.

Natalie’s character is one of my favorites so far. She’s this amazing, smart doctor – like a true-kick-ass-I-want-to-be-her-when-I-grow-up woman. I also really enjoyed that she started as this independent person and needed to learn to allow others to help her sometimes. That kind of growth in a character is always interesting to me because I’m similar in that I’d rather rely on myself than let anyone else help. And Connor Easton is the epitome of swoon worthy – doctor and ex-quarterback? Oh hell yes! Throughout the book he managed to balance pushing Natalie past her comfort zone and giving her the space when she needed it. He’s an alpha male that’s still respectful and I’m all here for that. These two were absolutely perfect for each other.

I can not stress enough how much I loved this book – like the pacing was perfect for me. I was hooked from the first chapter and had to restrain myself not to fly through it too fast. And the climax? That was something I had not seen coming from R. S. Grey and after reading so many of her books, for her to still surprise me? Amazing job! 

I love how realistic Rachel’s books are. Maybe not all of the things actually happen in a hospital, but Rachel writes about it in a way where it feels more realistic than other authors who might skim over the details of what a normal day looks like in the BICU, and the hierarchy of doctors and medical students. It’s pretty evident that she puts a lot of research into writing her books – Hotshot Doc and His Royal Highness come to mind, and Doctor Dearest is no exception. As a reader, I appreciate it. I get to enjoy a story from a passionate author – and I get to learn something new.

If you’re a fan of romantic comedy, R. S. Grey, or the older brother’s best friend trope, you should absolutely read this book. It was perfect! 5 stars!

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