The Heir Affair

I’m both extremely grateful and a little disappointed that fans of The Royal We were given this sequel. I have a deep obsession with the actual royal family – for my sweet sixteen, I had a tea party and watched William and Kate get married, and I did wake up early to watch Harry and Meghan Markle. I loved the first book with all my heart, it’s one of my favorites to reread. Maybe because there was such a resemblance to the British monarchy and maybe because the timeline of the relationships and character choices all felt like natural choices I would make, Bex, Nick, and Freddie all felt very real to me and I adored them all.
I’m almost positive that The Royal We was always meant to be a standalone (and thanks to fans, The Heir Affair was written) but the ending of that book wasn’t wrapped up in a nice neat bow. I was content with not knowing how exactly life turned out for Bex and Nick, until I found out this book was being released and suddenly I couldn’t stand not knowing what happened after that last chapter in the first book.
The Heir Affair definitely answered a lot of those questions for me. After the first book, I was really excited to see Nick and Bex as a wedded couple. I love getting more details about the dynamics of relationships and The Heir Affair provided that for me, which was immensely satisfying. Also, in The Royal We, while the royal family played a huge role in the book, it didn’t really feel like they had a lot of page time. There were only a few scenes that I can recall Queen Eleanor being on page. In this book, there was so much more Eleanor and I really enjoyed learning so much about her. She and Bex’s relationship was one of my favorite parts of this book. And of course, there is so much British humor and sharp wit that is exactly my own kind of humor and I was laughing so much throughout the whole book.
But as I said, I was also disappointed getting this sequel, because after the ending to The Royal We, I was really hoping for a tidy bow to wrap up all the characters stories, and I didn’t feel like I got that satisfaction. The bonus chapter in the first book really did me in with Freddie – he has a special place in my heart – and he struggled in this book. I was excited to see the continuation and development of Bex and Nick’s relationship but I also wanted a happy ending for Freddie. As someone who is a big fan of tidy bows, I felt like Freddie was given a soso ending. His relationship with Bex was complex and while the two of them attempted to navigate it post-wedding, I didn’t get the since of a definitive conclusion. Because of that, I finished the book happy at where Nick and Bex left things with each other, but not quite there with Freddie and Bex. There are still questions I have about where they’ll go, so despite being so excited for a sequel to answer my burning questions, I still wound up in the same spot as before, so did I really need the sequel? … who am I kidding though, I was very happy to have this book. I laughed, I cried, it was a really great book, that managed to leave me feeling bittersweet with it’s ending. I gave it 4.5 stars and definitely recommend for all fellow British royalty fans.

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